50 HP Licensed Polycraft Boat Hire

Lucie, our 50HP, 4.5m vessel is an impressive boat for those looking for licensed boat hire in Lucinda, particularly due to a deeper V hull, and plenty of floor space. Lucie, named after Lucinda where we primarily operate our boat hire from, is an extremely comfortable hire boat that easily caters for 4 people. This boat is great for cruising Hinchinbrook Channel, creeks, and along the sugar loading jetty, weather permitting.

Lucie has a deep v hull, uninterrupted floor space, & plenty of room for fishing & crabbing, & 2 comfy bucket seats.

  • Roomy 4.55m sized boat
  • Seats 4 people
  • 50HP 4 stroke engine
  • Colour sounder & GPS.
  • Tiller steer
  • From $130 half day
  • $200 full day 
    Tow & go, plus fuel. 
  • Walk on Walk off 
    avail for $70 inc fuel.

Click here for more photos, information & multiday pricing. 
Optional MotorGuide with GPS lock, subject to availability.

Lucie - 50 HP, 4.5m Polycraft hire boat with 7Lucie - 50 HP, 4.5m Polycraft hire boat with 7" touch screen sounder. Boat licence required.

How much is boat hire for Lucie, 50HP 4.5m boat?  Seats 4 people 
Tow & Go pricing, plus you need to refuel before returning the boat. Boat licence required.

  • Half day boat hire - Approx 4 hours, 8-12, or 12:30 - 4:30    $130
  • Full day boat hire - Approx 8 hours, 8am - 4pm $200
  • MotorGuide with GPS lock - half/full day. plus $50
  • WOWO Walk on, walk off pontoon service including refuel: Half day or full day, plus $70.

  • 2 days full day boat hire $370 ($185 p/d)
  • 3 days full day boat hire $540 ($180 p/d)
  • 4 days full day boat hire $710 ($177.50 p/d)
  • 5 days full day boat hire $870 ($174 p/d)
  • 6 days full day boat hire $1020 ($170 p/d)
  • 7 days full day boat hire $1,190. ($170 p/d)
  • MotorGuide with GPS lock - Multiday hire, plus $40 per day
  • WOWO Walk on, walk off pontoon service: Multiday hire, plus $65 per day.


  • Yamaha 50HP 4 stroke outboard, electric start with power trim & tilt. Tiller steer.
  • Colour fishfinder and GPS sounder
  • Bimini to help protect you from sun and rain
  • Optional poly icebox with block ice (home made) for bait and fish etc (Welcome to use as a bait board) 
  • Rod holders 
  • 23 litre fuel tank
  • Safety gear

    Please note:
  • Moderate strength required for pushing boat off trailer, as plastic boats are heavy.
  • All our boats come with a full tank of fuel. Tow & Go hirer is required to refuel before returning the vessel. There is a servo conveniently located at the Lucinda boat ramp, on your right as you leave.
  • Walk-on, walk-off available for $70. Includes delivery to Dungeness, tied onto pontoon, pickup from pontoon, cleaning the boat, & refueling. Also available to the private pontoon, for guests of Lucinda Fishing Lodge.
  • Children under 12 are considered one passenger under QLD regulations on boats in survey, and must wear a life jacket. Please advise if you require a child's lifejacket. 
4.5m Polycraft Drifter Hire Boat4.5m Polycraft Drifter Hire Boat. Removing the canopy is an option upon request, ahead of your booking.

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What's great about Lucie? With a 4.55m boat length, she has room for 4 people, and is a very stable boat with a modern 50HP 4 stroke, electric start engine. Also, a 7" HDS Carbon Lowrence touch screen GPS sounder with side and bottom scan, and the option for split screens. 

The driver and passenger also can have the comfort of 2x bucket seats. 

Life jackets and safety gear are all standard. However, let us know if you have children under the age of 12 joining you, so we can try and ensure they have a comfortable life jacket to wear whilst in the vessel. (Specifically designed to be worn all day. Required by law & pending availability of junior life jackets.)

What do I need to consider? Although Lucie is a very capable boat, I would say her main flaw is that the seats at the front are moulded hard plastic that make up the safety equipment storage, or casting platform. This boat can be uncomfortable for whoever sits there, especially if the water is a bit choppy.

When you have the optional MotorGuide fitted, it sits across the position of the 4th person. Therefore, they will have a smaller sitting space. See the photo below.

The MotorGuide option on the Polycraft, impedes some of the 4th person's seat.The MotorGuide option on the Polycraft, impedes some of the 4th person's seat.

If 3 or 4 of you plan on fishing or crabbing, and you want more comfortable seating at the front, you may want to check out a bigger boat. Although, sitting at the front may still be uncomfortable if the water is a bit choppy.

Do we have to tow, launch and retrieve the hire boat ourselves? All boat hire prices listed above are for tow & go pricing. You need to tow, reverse, launch, tie up, park, get your car, reverse, winch on the boat, and refuel it from the servo. It sounds like a lot, however, it's not really. The boat is plastic, so it's heavy, and you will need a little bit of strength for launching and retrieving. You will require a 50mm tow ball. We use a 7pin flat plug. Please advise if you require an adaptor. We may be able to help. :)

Can you launch and retrieve the hire boat for us? Absolutely. We can do all of the hard stuff so all you have to do is walk on, and walk off the boat from the pontoon. We even refuel the boat, and all of this is just an extra $70 for half or full day, or an extra $65 per day for multiday WOWO service.

Can we use the hire boats at night? Boats are permitted to be used during daylight hours only.  This is a requirement of both AMSA and our insurance, which covers you should something go wrong. 

Where can we travel to? If the weather is good without a lot of breeze or wind, you can usually traverse the Hinchinbrook Channel and out to the end of the sugar loading jetty.

No or low breeze: Knock your socks off. Head out to the end of the sugar loading jetty, or even some of the lower pylons of the big sugar loading jetty, and/or over to The Bluff on Hinchinbrook Island, down to Haycock Island and Sunday Creek in the Hinchinbrook Channel, across the Hinchinbrook Channel. Be mindful of changing conditions as well as wind vs tide scenarios when travelling big distances. The line indicates most likely path due to sandbars at lower tides.

If you are towing the boat, you have the choice of using any boat ramp in the HInchinbrook region. You will need to check required tide heights and suitability of most of the boat ramps though.

Breezy to really breezy/windy: (20-25 knots) Stick to the creeks around the Lucinda boat ramp at Dungeness. There's a lot of snags, junctions and good fish to target with the protection of the mangroves from the wind.

Information on the map above: 
The white circle with the green tick can be accessed whether it's breezy, windy, or not, and in any tide.

Best not to traverse the red circle. (Herbert and Seymour are sand locked rivers) If something goes wrong, we're unlikely to be able to reach you to help, 

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Note: All hirer's/drivers must be at least 18 years old, show relevant identification, and agree to boat hire terms & conditions, at the safety brief and handover.