About Us

About us at Hinchinbrook Hire Boats. Hi! We're Lee and Deni Griffiths. Lee has grown up around boats, has always had a boat, and loves his reef fishing. Deni has been around boats for many years, and enjoys the freedom and excitement of where boating can take you.

Wanting a sea change and lifestyle change, we moved to Lucinda full time, after owning (mortgaging) a holiday house here for a few years. Being able to enjoy a boating lifestyle was the main reason we moved, so it was important the business we chose aligned with those values. It gives us great pleasure being able to offer boating to visitors in our region, whether they are licenced or not.

We have started sharing our adventures on YouTube, and we'd love for you to share in our journey. Gone Troppo is our channel name, and you'll find quite a few adventures around the Hinchinbrook and North Queensland region. Please subscribe to our channel. :)

Click here to whiz over to our channel. 

Note: All hirer's/drivers must be at least 18 years old, show relevant identification, and agree to boat hire terms & conditions, at the safety brief and handover. The number of people on each vessel is determined by AMSA, and not the compliance plate. You need to be mindful of your total weight, including how much you collectively weigh together, plus eskies, spare fuel and extras. Too much weight may impact the performance and safety of the vessel, and/or breach insurance terms.