Hinchinbrook Hire Boat Area

The Hinchinbrook hire boat area covers the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island, Gould Island and Hinchinbrook Channel out from Cardwell, down through inside the Hinchinbrook Channel, into Dungeness, out along the 5.7km Lucinda sugar loading jetty, and down to Palm Creek at Forrest Beach. 

For the most part, it's within 2 nautical miles from land, and also subject to weather. Should the weather be rough, the beauty of boating in the Hinchinbrook is we have a large area of protected creeks, all throughout the channel, and on super crazy windy days, we have a few creeks just around the corner, where you don't even have to cross the channel.

Below is a photo showing where you'll most likely can go, for all of our licensed vessels. depending on weather conditions.
If you're hiring the unlicensed vessel, click here for more information. 

If weather conditions are schmick (less than 10 knots) on the day of your boat hire, you can take the vessels further out, however, there are additional conditions:

  • Inform us of your intentions
  • Take additional fuel (Std 91 unleaded. Replaced at your cost)
  • Be aware of the partially smooth boundaries, as you will not be covered by insurance
  • Be aware of GBRMPA green and yellow zones. A good app to add to your phone is Eye on the Reef. 
  • Some areas are in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and a fee of $7 per person is required. Example, Orpheus Island.
  • Leave by lunch time/early afternoon, as the sea breeze can kick in, and it'll be a long, horrible trip home in a dinghy. 
  • We don't accept forward bookings for the islands. You can only book as standby if the weather conditions are perfect. Otherwise, you can book a boat with the intention of cruising the Hinchinbrook Channel, jetty or nearby creeks, and if the weather happens to be gold, then you also have an island option.

Don't let the fact we're discussing an island fool you into thinking it's not that big. The Hinchinbrook Channel is over 50km long, and you will need to keep an eye on your fuel usage.

As we are in a conservation habitat area managed by GBRMPA, there may be some areas where fishing is restricted. Please see the GBRMPA map below for guidance, For our hire boats, this is mainly in the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island.

Note: All hirer's/drivers must be at least 18 years old, show relevant identification, and agree to boat hire terms & conditions, at the safety brief and handover. The number of people on each vessel is determined by AMSA, and not the compliance plate. You need to be mindful of your total weight, including how much you collectively weigh together, plus eskies, spare fuel and extras. Too much weight may impact the performance and safety of the vessel, and/or breach insurance terms.