Terms & Conditions for Boat Hire

Don’t forget to bring!

  • Your boat licence, or suitable ID for unlicensed vessel
  • Charged mobile phone 
  • Mozzie/midgee/sandfly repellent
  • Water & snacks. There are shops at the Lucinda boat ramp for food, fishing gear, alcohol, fuel & extras. 
  • We can supply an esky (for fish & bait) with block ice at no extra charge, upon request
  • Sunscreen and hats 
  • Any fishing gear you need.
  • As there aren't a lot of toilet opportunities for the ladies, especially in croc country, maybe bring a bucket with you for your comfort.
  • A spray jacket or rain coat as showers and rain are common in the wet tropics.

As we are often putting in and out multiple boats, it is important to attend at the correct booking time. If you are delayed, we may have to delay your handover, if we have agreed to another customer’s booking after yours. If you are delayed returning, this may impact another customer’s boat hire.

 Let us know if you have children under 12 years old joining you, so we can check if we have life jackets to suit. They will be required to wear them whilst in the boat. (Pending availability)

The hirer or nominated skipper agrees:

  •     The vessel will only be operated in areas specified below.
  •     Boats for licenced operators must be controlled at all times by the holder of a current, valid boat licence and signed off on the handover.
  •     All wake, ski, skurf style of activities are strictly prohibited, and not covered by insurance under any circumstances.
  •     All QLD and other Australian State Marine Licensing rules apply where appropriate.
  •    You agree that in using the boat;
  •    You will use the boat for recreational sightseeing or fishing during daylight hours and for no other purpose.
  •    You will use the boat in smooth and partially smooth waters in the Hire Area only and will launch and retrieve at public boat ramps, securing the trailer and parking in designated parking.
  •   You are restricted to sheltered smooth waters to operate in (creeks), once weather conditions exceed 25 knots, or feels unsafe. Whichever comes first.

 The hirer will:

  •   Pay all charges as set out together with all other charges which may be levied or made pursuant to the conditions hereof.
  •    A fee of $30 per hour, or part there of will be deducted for late return of the boat and trailer.
  •    Not drive the vessel nor allow other hirers/nominated skipper to drive the vessel whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with blood alcohol content in excess of any statutory limit.
  •    Not allow any other person to control the vessel unless listed on the hire agreement.
  •    The hirer and skipper is responsible for all occupants and their actions.
  •     Report any accident to the nearest police station and Hinchinbrook Hire Boats immediately.

The hirer is aware that:

  1.  Accidental damage insurance only covers the loss and damage to the vessel during the period of hire and does not cover the loss or damage:

       - to personal items
       - due to negligence or criminal action by the hirer or skipper
       - resulting from overloading, speeding, overheating, seizure or misuse of the vessel
       - when the vessel is overdue for return
       - arising from more than one accident or event; and 
       - If at any time the driver of the vessel is not an authorised person under this hire contract
       - operating the vessel outside the designated areas of operation.

  2. Security bond preauthorization of $250 will be required prior to departure. The bond will not be charged so long as no damage occurred to the boat during the hire period and the boat is returned refueled for tow & go. Hirers with walk on walk off service do not require refueling of the vessel. Where damages occur, charges of up to $1,000 may apply to cover an insurance claim.
  3. The Hirer agrees to pay Hinchinbrook Hire Boats the cost of repair or replacement of any loss or damage, howsoever caused, which is not covered by insurance, due to any breach by the hirer/skipper.
  4. Hinchinbrook Hire Boats shall not be responsible for any fines incurred or any breaches of state regulations in respect to the vessel whilst it is under the control or custody of the Hirer or skipper, or during the continuance of the term of the hire.
  5. The Hirer/skipper is to abide by all Maritime Authority, Marine & Environmental Legislation including fishing zones and licences where applicable.
  6. The Hirer/skipper acknowledges and accepts that the use and operation of the vessel is subject to inherent risks and dangers. The Hirer accepts those risks and agrees to indemnify Hinchinbrook Hire Boats for any losses suffered by the Hirer, any passengers or any third parties as a result of the materialisation of those risks and dangers. The Hirer also undertakes to advise all passengers of the risks and dangers associated with the use and operation of the vessel prior to boarding.
  7. The Hirer/skipper acknowledges and understands all safety material and briefings that will be presented.

Hinchinbrook Hire Boats hereby expressly negates all warranties, conditions or representations expressed or implied in respect of the fitness, quality or state of repair of the vessel hired and is under no liability in this respect whether for negligence or otherwise.

 No condition or provision of this agreement shall be deemed waived or excluded unless it is expressly stipulated to be so waived or excluded in writing by Hinchinbrook Hire Boats.

No person under the age of 18 may be the hirer or skipper.

 The hirer will be given clear & concise instructions on:

  •          Correct & safe handling and navigation of the vessel.
  •          Correct & safe operation of machinery and the fuel system.
  •          Stowage and use of life saving apparatus
  •          Location & use of the fire extinguisher

Hinchinbrook Hire Boats Operational Limits

Licensed vessels - Generally, assume your licensed vessel can only travel to the orange lines around the jetty, and inside the Hinchinbrook Channel.

However, on schmick days, you can travel further into the partially smooth areas, as long as you meet or are aware of the additional conditions. To view them in more detail, click here.

On windy days, your operational limit may be reduced further to smooth waters, and local creeks. The good news is this means even if it's windy, you still have places to catch good fish, and your booking will unlikely be cancelled on you.

Unlicensed vessels will have extra travel limits, depending on weather conditions. This is due to factors such as wind, tide, distance and the limited capability of the small engine and your confidence with boating out in the channel. If you're unsure, or if we have concerns regarding the channel, we have a few good creeks you can explore and have a good time fishing and crabbing in. To see more about the unlicensed area, click here.

Terms and conditions may be updated at any time.

Note: All hirer's/drivers must be at least 18 years old, show relevant identification, and agree to boat hire terms & conditions, at the safety brief and handover.