FAQ's for Hiring a Hire Boat

Some FAQ's for hiring a hire boat. Hopefully we have your question covered, however, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Do I Need a Boat Licence?

Depends on the boat. We currently have 3x boats where you need a boat licence, and a similar boat with a slower engine, more suitable for those without a licence. So even if you do not have a boat licence, you have a good chance of being able to hire a boat from us. We will require official identification still.

What if I have an International Boat Licence?

We can accept a lot of International boat licences. They will need to be checked against official Queensland Government documentation. Let us know before launch day if you can.

What do I need for my car, to tow and go?

Your vehicle needs to be fitted with a 50mm tow ball. We use the 7 pin flat connector. Please let us know if you require an adaptor, and we will endeavour to help.

Can you drop off the boat in the water & pick it up for us at the boat ramp? We just want to jump in and go.

We certainly can. Prices start from $50 at the Lucinda ramp, for walk on walk off service. We tie up to the public pontoon, collect the boat from the public pontoon, clean the boat and refuel it. If you have chosen multi day hire, you will need to be able to securely tie up to a private pontoon at your accommodation. Alternately, we can make arrangements to pick up and return from $40 per day. (Multi day option) Let us know which ramp and when, and we will advise pricing.

What if it's raining?

Rain, wind or cool temperatures are not ‘unsafe conditions’ on their own. No refunds or free reschedules will be given for bad weather, unless the conditions on (or forecast for) the local waterway are deemed to be unsafe for our hire boats, to be determined by Hinchinbrook Hire Boats staff at the actual moment of hire. Maybe bring some wet weather gear if it's raining. The fish don't mind the rain either way. :)

However, we do have a 3 Guarantee, where you can reschedule your booking up to 3 times, within 3 months, for any reason, including rain. The conditions are we need 3 days notice, so check ahead your weather forecast.

What about cancellations?

Cancellation by Hinchinbrook Hire Boats: If Hinchinbrook Hire Boats determines that the conditions and or forecast for the Hinchinbrook waterways at the scheduled time of the hire are unsafe for our hire boats, a rescheduled booking time will be provided at no charge. Local conditions are to be assessed and determined by Hinchinbrook Hire Boats staff for the scheduled time of the hire. 

Can we reschedule?

You can reschedule your booking to an alternative date (subject to availability) at no charge with minimum notice of 3 days prior to the hire. You may only reschedule a maximum of three times, within 3 months. Rescheduling within 72 hours (subject to availability) prior to the hire may attract a rescheduling fee. This includes if you wish to reschedule because you don’t like the weather on the day of the hire event.